Cryometrix blast freezing, storage cooling, and thawing products use a revolutionary liquid nitrogen technology that doesn't require a compressor or CFCs. It has low energy usage and greatly reduced maintenance.

Want to reduce your cooling costs while also improving performance? Take a look at our Cryometrix products for your blast freezing, storage cooling, and thawing applications.

Visacon provides the highest quality OEM products for chromatography from laboratory consumables to UV/VIS instrumentation. We have 25 years of experience providing quality chromatography products to the life sciences market with pricing that will allow you to hit your cost targets. Custom manufacturing and packaging is our specialty. manufactures vials and sells them directly to the consumer. They are the same great products you already use at a fraction of the price, made in the USA. has supplied OEM GC consumable products for over 20 years. We strive to provide the best products at the best prices to better serve our customers. offers a range of high-quality UV Detectors, from variable wavelength analytical units to fixed wavelength compact detectors to integrate in an instrument or use as a standalone unit.